Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Alphabet Cards and more

Check out these amazing vintage alphabet cards. The Handmade Home is a great resource for free printables. I wanted to to get some vintage cards to string up in the nursery and stick with our bright color theme. Everywhere I have looked they are at least $25-$40. This is a great option to print them for free and get a chance to try them out. If I don't like them on the wall I can turn them into a little book! 

Here is the link to get each letter. This would also be fun if you just printed the letters for your baby's name and displayed them somewhere in the nursery. 

Also, check out the rest of her blog. She is always sharing wonderful handmade ideas and shares her printables all of the time!

She also has some great ideas to add color and prints for "sprucing up a space," like this shelf...

Hope you enjoy a new blog with some wonderful ideas. I am loving finding all of these great prints (especially free ones) to start planning out the walls for the nursery. 

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