Thursday, August 25, 2011

all those crazy tricks

Each night when I get into bed James usually talks to Ella (some studies say she can hear us now so we will go with it and be over excited parents to be). So of course, James is just itching to feel Ella kick (even though he knows it will be a little while until she is big enough for that). James had read on BabyCenter that if you put a flashlight close to my belly and move it slowly they will move around to follow the light. So I was laying there last night thinking to myself I would let him have his fun and do the cute dad thing and I would just lay down and out of no where Ella kicked harder than ANY kick or movement I have felt so far. I literally jumped with excitement because I could not believe I felt her that much. I have been feeling her move a little when I lay down at night or sometimes when I sit down after school. She had one more hard kick that night and then settled down. I know James wishes he could feel it but, the look on his face was priceless that his crazy little trick worked. 

I honestly think we will remember that sweet moment forever. It was so wonderful and I can't wait to feel her even more as she grows! 

Also, saw this on pinterest today and drooled...

Wonder if I can convince James that Ella needs a winter coat? haha.