Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ice Cream Inspiration

First off, the move is over (and by over I mean we are still getting situated) but most of the big stuff is done! We were so blessed to have amazing family and friends who helped make the move unbelievably easy. 

Now, onto inspiration boards. I have been checking out the Tiny Prints Blog lately and have come across some great ideas and deals. If you like them on facebook you get some great offers to make free customized cards. I have done some in the past and they are so meaningful and great when you get to add a name or your own picture. But even better, they do these wonderful inspiration boards on their blog. They put together a collage of pictures and ideas to "inspire" you for a theme for a party. You can even take bits and pieces and add them in if you were just having friends over, or celebrating a birthday with the family and friends. This week's board caught my eye. I loved the cuteness and most people know I love anything with ice cream! 

And by the way, this is just my opinion on Tiny Prints and just want to share some lively inspiration! Here is the board for the Ice Cream Party. Think of somewhere to use this...Ready.Set.Go!

ice cream inspiration board

The wooden spoons are my FAVORITE! I love wooden spoons. They are such a fun touch to so many different things. They are great to tie to a dessert you bring a friend to make it convenient and cute! 

Take some time and check out the blog link if you want to know where any of the items are from. The hats are DIY, so that is always a fun craft project! 

Any great party themes that have caught your eye?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

boxes, boxes, and more boxes

We are getting closer to getting completely moved out of the apartment. We have been moving little stuff all week and are moving the big furniture on Saturday (let's pray for nice weather!) I feel like everytime we move I learn something new. Here are a few things I have learned/been reminded of this time around...

1. There is SO much STUFF! Where does it all come from? I mean seriously! The moment I think we have made some headway, I open a closet or a cabinet! Luckily we have been clearing out some more stuff so that has been helpful.

2. If you call Central Market in the morning between 8 and 10 and ask them to hold several boxes for you, they will do it! Andddd you can come by anytime that day to pick them up. Getting free boxes is one way we really keep the cost of moving down.

3. NEVER...I mean NEVER use banana boxes. I don't care if somebody pays you to take them. We used these when I moved into our first apartment and were not aware that tiny little sugar ants love banana boxes. Ants + Lauren (who hates bugs) = no good.

4. Use dishtowels and old t-shirts to place between dishes. It avoids getting all of the annoying ink all over your stuff.

5. And last but not least, dream of the day when you will hire movers to do all of this craziness for you.

Honestly, this has been the smoothest move we have had, which is a true blessing for us right now. Since we have the keys and have been able to gradually move things over, it has not felt like I am living in box-ville like it has in the past. So thank God for that! Also, we are tremendously blessed with supportive friends and family that are helping on Saturday!

Anyone have any great tips or advice for when they have moved? I am sure you learn more every time!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! 2 days until the weekend and summer is SO close!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving and Painting

We are about to move in a week and a half and I am DREADING the idea of boxes, packing, unpacking, and the whole process of getting things from one place to another. On the flip side, I am overly giddy at having a new home with a garage, backyard, and more space to have friends over. Plus, Jaxon can't wait to have his very own backyard!! The huge upside to moving is feeling like you can get rid of things you haven't used in forever and get to organize at the new casa!

We are about to go look at paint colors for the bedroom. We are thinking of doing a bluish grey color. Although, we have to find one that still keeps the space pretty bright. Since we have all white bedding we want something crisp and clean.

or maybe this....

I know the probably look the same. Well we will have to see if we can find something that works! I will post pics of before and after with the new room. Can't wait!

Happy Thursday and Cinco de Mayo!