Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving and Painting

We are about to move in a week and a half and I am DREADING the idea of boxes, packing, unpacking, and the whole process of getting things from one place to another. On the flip side, I am overly giddy at having a new home with a garage, backyard, and more space to have friends over. Plus, Jaxon can't wait to have his very own backyard!! The huge upside to moving is feeling like you can get rid of things you haven't used in forever and get to organize at the new casa!

We are about to go look at paint colors for the bedroom. We are thinking of doing a bluish grey color. Although, we have to find one that still keeps the space pretty bright. Since we have all white bedding we want something crisp and clean.

or maybe this....

I know the probably look the same. Well we will have to see if we can find something that works! I will post pics of before and after with the new room. Can't wait!

Happy Thursday and Cinco de Mayo!

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