Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hudson 3 months and Update

Well since having 2 kids has kept me pretty busy lately, I have dropped the ball in perfect second child syndrome by not posting anything since Hudson was born. What a whirlwind this little man has been and what a sweet addition to our family! I can't imagine life without him! I figured I would post a few days early for his 3 month and give an overall update. 

Hudson...my sweet little guy could not be more different than Ella was as a baby. Coming into having my second, I will be honest, I really thought this would be an easy transition, that I knew what I was doing. The Lord definitely gave me a sweet boy who had major tummy issues, nursing problems from day 1, ended up on formula (which better have tiny pieces of gold in it), and prefers to not nap during the day unless being held. With all of that said, he smiles so much and snuggles like nobodies business. He is a momma's boy through and through and has shown me that I can only do this mom thing if I am deeply trusting and relying on the one who created him. Hudson has reminded me that my plan does not always work and sometimes I have to majorly slow down and just go with the flow. I have learned that it may look like we have been robbed several times during the week and that pre-made dinners are a huge blessing with 2 kids(even if Central Market is the one who pre-made them). I have learned that there is no metal for when you make it through Target without getting bodily fluids on you or someone melting down like they are being attacked by ants, so make the best of it and leave if you need to leave. I have learned that there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your baby on formula and that does not mean you gave up. That it is okay to mourn the loss of making it a year, but put on your big girl panties and be grateful for modern medicine and formula that makes your baby feel so much better. There is so much this little guy has taught me...the list could go on. 

As for 3 months, he is really starting to look like a baby and less like a newborn. He is eating 5-6 times a day and sleeping from 7:30ish to 7:30ish. Right now getting him down at night requires a little extra love but he is usually asleep by 8-8:15 and wakes up somewhere around 7:30. Every now and then he will wake up once, but we can usually pat his bottom a little and he is back to sleep. Sleeping through the night literally happened out of nowhere with very little progression about a week and a half ago. Before that he was waking up every 3 1/2 - 4 hours, so this is a great change! Hudson loves tummy time right after he eats and is usually all smiles. He is rolling over from his tummy to his back and has recently found his thumb. He still likes his paci if mommy and daddy are helping hold it in when he is being rocked, otherwise, he finds his thumb. 

Hudson just had his first Christmas and I am sure he is exhausted from watching his sister play non-stop. He also had his first tea party with Ella, she insisted that Hudson got to have some tea. I hope they always love to play together and that they are very close. 

Here are some other pics of our precious little man...
 This was from early on...hard to grab a pic with a toddler and a newborn!
 Hudson loves was all smiles in the car with Mommy and Nana! 
 Snuggles while sister played at school. 
 Hudson's first Christmas!
 Um, what....is Ella smiling? It was a sweet gift from God that she literally looked at the camera and smiled! Love this busy girl and that squishy little baby!
4 days away from being 3 months old! He sure is darn handsome!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year. I will be back soon to post about Ella's 2nd birthday. That is of course if I can stop bawling my eyes out that this girl is getting so big!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hudson is here!

Well in the nature of having two kids, here is a little update on the arrival of Hudson...11 days late.

Hudson right after they handed him to mommy!

We had a scheduled induction with our little man and arrived at the hospital at 7:30 on Friday, October 4th. It was so crazy to have such a planned date (and the planner in me secretly LOVED it). We chose to induce because James started a new job this past Monday (Praise God for his provision) and it made the most sense to induce at 39 weeks due to job transition and insurance purposes. Anyways, when we arrived we got comfy in our room and met our amazing nurse. It took some time to get through getting checked in and going over the plan for the day. They started my pitocin and epidural at 9:30ish and because my doctor was called into an emergency c-section at Baylor Dallas (and we were at Baylor Frisco) they decided to start my pitocin verrryyy slow. It was kind of wonderful because James and I had that time to spend together and prepare to meet our son. My doctor arrived at 2:00 when I was 5 cm and broke my water. This is when labor really picked up. My epidural was great from the waist down, but I could definitely feel some of those contractions coming on in my abdomen. They started to get really strong and I had to move sides to level out the epidural. I was checked a few times and around 5:30 he said it was time to get everyone ready to push. The nursery staff came in and this is the part where I got so excited. It all gets so real in that moment when the room fills up with everyone who will be there when he is born. I pushed 3 times and he was out in less than 10 minutes. They laid him on my chest and it was so wonderful to hold him for the first time. With Ella, I knew I loved her right away, but I had no clue the depth of love I would feel for her as she grew and we got to know her. With Hudson, I knew what that love was like and of course started crying right when they laid him on me. 

Unthank...party of 4! 

Hudson got Ella a new doctor set and she put it to use right away! She was so gentle and sweet. 

As for big sister, she is adapting very well. She is a great helper and loves to bring me a diaper, paci, or wipe for Hudson. When she wakes up she immediately asks for baby and wants to see him. She has also given him his fair share of check-ups since she is loving playing doctor right now. We have definitely gone through the transition of Ella wanting my attention a lot, so we are carving out time that she gets one on one with each of us. It is so important to me that she feels loved through this process. 

Ella has wanted lots of cuddles and I have LOVED it! 

Hudson is doing good at night too. He is waking every 3-3 1/2 hours, but once he nurses he goes right back to sleep. I am enjoying this while it lasts because I know we will reach a stage where he wants wake time at night. He takes one 4 hour stretch usually from 4am-8am. Since sister is up at 7am, it doesn't benefit us too much but at least we know he can do it and hopefully it will be in the middle of the night soon :) Hudson is not a fan of the bassinet and for now prefers to sleep in his infant seat, nice and cozy. With Ella, I would have worried so much about this, but with Hudson I am grateful for sleep! 
Hudson at 1 week

Overall, we are adjusting well. Learning how to juggle two kids is definitely a learning curve, but we are thankful for both of our sweet babies. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Soaking it Up and Counting Down the Days!

I have never been so torn between wanting to soak up every sweet moment with me and my girl and time as a family of 3 and wanting our little man to join the fun! Some days I would give anything for more time of this simple and fun stage before the newborn stage begins and other days I cannot wait for the sweet snuggles and James and I embarking on baby #2. 

I am amazed how fast this pregnancy has gone by and definitely very excited that we are in the home stretch!! One more month until Hudson is due and that makes this momma very happy! 

Here I am at 35 weeks. It is 100 degrees outside and I am PREG-NANT. Hudson is super active and seems to be moving all of the time which has been fun to experience. The movements are definitely changing as we run out of room, but he still manages to be pretty active! I haven't had any crazy cravings, but last week I was dying for chinese food, but didn't want to feel super puffy afterwards, so James made Stir Fry that was delicious! I have also craved pumpkin, but that craving has been curbed a few times since it is not quite cool outside. 

While Hudson is growing Ella has been turning into more of a big girl every day! Here are some fun pictures from recently...

 Ella trying Sprinkles Ice Cream for the first time. 
 Ella cheering on her Aggies at a watch party with friends! Also, coloring on the receipt obviously!
 This girl could not love Lambie more than she already does! ("MAM-EEE") She LOVES to play doctor (just like Doc McStuffins) everyday and Lambie is her little side kick! 
Ella also started her first day of MDO without mommy. She loves it so far, which is such a blessing. She has an incredibly sweet teacher and is exhausted after I pick her up. 

Ella's personality is developing more and more every day. She is definitely an independent little girl who knows what she wants. She loves fruit and is definitely on the pickier side when it comes to vegetables and protein. She is talking so much and definitely communicating her favorite things. Every time we pull into church she says "chuchhhh" then immediately says "siiiddddeee" which is slide. She loves to go down the slide before she gets dropped off at child care. One of her favorite sayings lately is "Come on," in the sweetest little voice. When she wakes up in the morning she wants everyone out of bed to have breakfast and will say "come on" until we are all headed down the hall. She has also started saying her own version of "I love you." She says "Muh Moo" and will usually come hug or kiss you....melt my heart! 

James and I can't wait to watch Ella become a big sister and to meet our little man, Hudson. 4 1/2 weeks to go! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheap Summer Entertainment

I am always looking for cheap summer entertainment for Ella and I. We love to get out and find fun activities that don't break the bank. There is always the option for swimming, library story time, and many other fun, free options. Today I decided to take Ella to her first movie and she LOVED it.

Studio Movie Grill is doing a Summer Movie Series for children. It is $2 for adults and $1 for kids. They show a different movie each week, and you can see their schedule on their site. If you click here, you can see all of the movie theaters in Dallas participating in different children's movie deals. We might try some of the options that start at 10, since that might work a little better with nap time. Today they were showing "Follow that Bird." I figured with sesame street, some guaranteed singing in the movie, and the chance that if it did not go well we were only out $3...I would give it a try.

We got in the movie and Ella kept saying "Wow" when things would be loud or flash. Once the movie started she loved it and every now and then if it got a little loud or a character came on that she was not too sure about (*cough" Snuffy) she would sit with me. Other than that she really enjoyed it.

This was a great option for us to get out of the house on a hot day and go enjoy a movie together! I know these are sweet dates we get for a couple more months before our sweet boy arrives! We are definitely looking forward to movie days at home with Hudson, too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

28 weeks

I don't have a belly photo this week, but that can be attributed to the third trimester coming in with a bang! This week has felt like a gradual turn into feeling my body's need for rest and hormones going a little crazy! 

I am definitely having to choose to be joyful in this season of pregnancy, and fail at this all the time. I catch myself wallowing in how hot I am and the fact that sweat seems to constantly be a part of my every movement. Then, Hudson kicks or moves around like crazy (because he is super active) and I am brought right back to the place of remembering how worth it this is. How my sweet babies are teaching me so much and bringing me closer to the Lord in so many ways, that I will take being hot for the joy I get to have being their momma. 

This week has definitely brought on the hormones too. I am finding that I have to give myself a little time each day to nap or lay down or I seem to find the need to cry over the most ridiculous things. This week I actually cried because one of my plants died and I just did not understand how that could happen when I have tried to water it so well (and it has rained!). Go ahead...laugh...it is absolutely ridiculous. But this change has been so good for James and I to revisit what those first several weeks can look like. How they can be filled with emotional breakdowns and tears from exhaustion amongst the joy of a a new baby. It has really got us talking about ways we feel loved and can love each other through that season. I feel like we know a little more of what to expect and are more confident in ourselves as parents, so I am really praying for the Lord to use that season to love each other well. 

Even though there are no belly pics this week, here are a few pictures of a mighty spirited 18 month old I know....

 This is Ella with her "OW-UHL." She loves to lay in her bed and read books after naps. 
This week we watched the Polar Express (she didn't quite make it through the whole thing, but we got a little here and there.) I love watching movies and snuggling with her, especially Christmas movies! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoyed their weekend! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

27 weeks and a 1 1/2 year old!

Today I am 27 weeks along with Hudson...only 13 to go! I am so thankful that June was filled with several mild days and as we get into the hotter days I am definitely trying to get creative with how Ella and I spend our time. I am not one for the heat, but definitely thankful for a healthy growing baby (and planning to avoid summer all together next pregnancy:) Clearly, my plans always work so great...

I have been craving a few random things like....cinnamon life cereal ( I literally NEVER eat cereal...EVER!) but this has sounded good recently. I am definitely enjoying a popsicle on hotter days and love steak kabobs from Zoe's. Hudson is definitely bringing out foods that I would not usually pick, unlike with Ella I always craved sweets, which is very typical for me. I officially start my 3rd trimester next week and we are trucking along getting everything in order for Hudson. I am hoping to finish up his nursery soon and will post pics when we do.

As for big sister, she is 1 1/2 today! What!!! She is full of personality and saying new words every day. I feel like I can't keep up with how fast she is growing. I am also really loving her cute names for things that we know what she is saying, but has her own version, for example blankie is banbie and its precious. She also LOVES her owl and when she says "owl" it sounds like a 2 syllable word "OW-UHL." She is doing a great job at communicating, but along with that comes some pretty good meltdowns when she is told no or if we do not understand. So, that is something we are definitely working on with our little spirited girl! Lately, if you ask her where Baby Hudson is she will come up to my belly and give it a kiss. I think it is pretty sweet!

Once the 3rd trimester starts I am trying to plan some fun family dates to be intentional with our time together as a family of 3 before a newborn is in the mix. If you have any great family dates that you have loved send them my way.

Ella (18 months) with blankie, owl, and using Hudson as a pillow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hudson James and catch up

After Ella's first birthday I took a "vacation" from keeping up the blog. Also 2 weeks after her first birthday (the last time I really blogged) we found out we were pregnant, traveled, bought our first house, and life got a little crazy chasing around my busy girl. I love going back and looking at the posts from Ella's pregnancy and first year, so I am going to try to add some pictures and updates in here and get going again.

We were surprised a couple days after getting back from Breckenridge, CO to find out that we were pregnant! My first trimester was pretty standard (compared to my pregnancy with Ella) and I had my 2 weeks of nausea and other than that I was mostly extremely tired. Thank goodness Ella still napped twice a day during my first trimester because momma usually needed a nap too! I definitely felt Hudson kicking around much sooner and have loved the feeling of having him move around all cozy in there. I love this part of being pregnant. 

Being pregnant in summer has definitely been a whole new ball game. Anyone who knows me knows that I am already very hot natured and wouldn't exactly say that I thrive in the heat, but the Lord is teaching me so much in choosing joy because I have a little girl who adores being outside, loves the water, and has little interest in kicking her feet up on the couch in the air conditioned house. We try to get in fun activities in the morning and be more creative with our afternoons. So far summer has been really fun with her. We have definitely had our long, hot days, but overall we are really trying to soak up our girls summer before sweet Hudson arrives! 

I get giddy thinking about when he will arrive. I love thinking about the fall and the holidays and how we will be adding such a sweet joy to our family. I know the newborn stage can come with its fair share of long nights and sleep deprivation, but I feel so much more confident going into baby #2 and trusting that I can do it. With Ella, there were so many times I doubted if I was doing it "right." With Hudson, I know we can do it and have tons of friends and family who can lend their wisdom on the harder days. 

This pregnancy I have not had too many crazy cravings. Although 2 times I have called James to get Cane's on his way home from work. All I really want is the toast and Cane's sauce, but I have kept that craving at bay. Right now its coconut yogurt with almonds and dark chocolate chips...yumm! Oh and fresh lemonade never hurts :)

Here are some pictures from my pregnancy so far...

 12 weeks at the Easter service
 14 weeks...so excited to announce we are expecting!
 16 weeks 
 18 weeks and bought our first house
 19 weeks and snuggling after lots of unpacking
 22 weeks

23 weeks at the beach
24 weeks right before Ella's swim lesson

Overall, it seems like this pregnancy is flying, so hopefully I will be able to document some more and get back into blogging about our growing boy and busy girl! Luckily, we have still been taking lots of pictures, so at least the family book at the end of the year won't lack for documentation! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!