Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love a Good Deal!

Yesterday I went to a great consignment sale in Dallas called Romper Runway! I got some GREAT deals and am so excited about my finds!! They are open through the weekend, so click on the link above and go check it out! 

First, I got some BRAND NEW adorable Keens for $3! These remind me of James so much, so I can't wait to see her sport these! 

The most exciting purchase of all was my BOB stroller! I got it for $75 which is an amazing deal for such a great jogging stroller. Our neighborhood is older and has a lot of bumpy sidewalks and roads, so this will also be great for our nightly walks! Yay!!!

I also grabbed some other shoes that were new and all under $5 and an exersaucer! I love a good deal and am so glad we got a few things we needed/wanted for a good price! 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Hard to believe it is almost April!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pinterest loves

Now that we have started a more steady routine with baby girl, we have been enjoying some more home cooked meals (instead of Whole Foods soup or a quick dinner). Since Pinterest is a great resource for some yummy recipes that is what I have been using to make our weekly menu. Here are some that we tried that I have really like...

The Zucchini Oat bread was a yummy treat for breakfast. I already had cinnamon apple sauce, so I replaced it with regular applesauce in the recipe. Also I made salad with avocado and the yummy honey lime dressing to go with the flautas. James actually put the flautas together while I played with Ella. Later this week we are trying some gyros and homemade tzatziki sauce that I can't wait to try! I am heading back to work next week, so we are enjoying some yummy meals before we spend 7 weeks enjoying some of the easier dinners! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rolling over...kind of

Yesterday James was doing tummy time with Ella and she rolled over...kind of! We put her on her tummy and helped her prop her arms up and from there she rolled over. She is a pro at getting on her side, but we still have a little while before she can do the whole thing on her own. Either way, we were pretty excited...

Also, here are some sweet pictures from Ella meeting Mrs. Dodson on Friday. She was a trooper and was so good while we chatted, ate lunch, and hung out. She also looked pretty cute too!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! I will be soaking up my last few weeks of maternity leave before it is back to school to finish out the year!

Monday, March 12, 2012

2 months

My sweet girl is 2 months old today! She is growing so much everyday and sometimes it feels like she gets bigger during nap time! We had her doctor's appointment this past Thursday and she did great! She is 12 lbs. 2 oz.!!! AH! She is also in the 90th percentile for height which is crazy, but right now that doesn't necessarily mean she will be tall. She is a great little sleeper, which a blessing and we can take no credit for it. She usually eats about every 3 hours and after her 7:30 feeding she stays awake for a little while then we do bath time around 8:30-8:45ish, read her Jesus Storybook Bible (if you do not have this, it is a great Bible for kids), rock a little and lay her down between 9:30 and 10:00. Our nighttime routine has really helped, even though the times are all a little flexible at this point. Most nights we walk out of her room around 10 and she sleeps until 6 or 7 the last few days. She was waking up at 4:30 or 5 for a feeding, but she has dropped that feeding in the last several days (let's all say a little prayer that lasts!) I love going in to get her in the mornings. She is so sweet and cuddly! It is still kind of weird that she is sleeping through the did the newborn stage go so fast?

This past month she has been cooing and making so many new noises that melt our heart! We think they are all cute, but I guess we are a little bias! She is also smiling a lot which has been so sweet to catch. 

Here are some pictures of our baby girl at 2 months...

 Here is the beginning...she was not crazy about sitting alone...
 People think she looks like me...when she is crying...haha
 My baby girl! 

 So sweet!! 
We are looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow this next month. We are so thankful and humbled that God picked us to be Ella's parents. She has truly brought us so much joy! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I know it has been awhile since I have updated, but everything has been non-stop and so wonderful! We have really gotten into a routine with our sweet little addition and are learning so much everyday! I am going to try to update on a more consistent basis for friends and family who live out of town and keep up with her monthly updates. We did not really do her one month update on here, she will be 2 months on Monday and we will hit the ground running with that one. 

Here are some fun pictures from the last week or so...
 Ella and me hanging out on her blankie
 My beautiful girl and those heart melting smiles
 We officially have a thumb sucker...she wants nothing to do with her paci
 Snuggles on a cold and rainy day with the precious quilt Nana got her

We have had lots of snuggles on the couch with all of the cold, rainy weather! Today we fell asleep while Dad watched a movie! 

We are so lucky to have our sweet girl! She is so snuggly (which I am loving) and hope she stays that way! I will be back on Monday with her 2 month update! Hope everyone has a great weekend!