Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheap Summer Entertainment

I am always looking for cheap summer entertainment for Ella and I. We love to get out and find fun activities that don't break the bank. There is always the option for swimming, library story time, and many other fun, free options. Today I decided to take Ella to her first movie and she LOVED it.

Studio Movie Grill is doing a Summer Movie Series for children. It is $2 for adults and $1 for kids. They show a different movie each week, and you can see their schedule on their site. If you click here, you can see all of the movie theaters in Dallas participating in different children's movie deals. We might try some of the options that start at 10, since that might work a little better with nap time. Today they were showing "Follow that Bird." I figured with sesame street, some guaranteed singing in the movie, and the chance that if it did not go well we were only out $3...I would give it a try.

We got in the movie and Ella kept saying "Wow" when things would be loud or flash. Once the movie started she loved it and every now and then if it got a little loud or a character came on that she was not too sure about (*cough" Snuffy) she would sit with me. Other than that she really enjoyed it.

This was a great option for us to get out of the house on a hot day and go enjoy a movie together! I know these are sweet dates we get for a couple more months before our sweet boy arrives! We are definitely looking forward to movie days at home with Hudson, too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

28 weeks

I don't have a belly photo this week, but that can be attributed to the third trimester coming in with a bang! This week has felt like a gradual turn into feeling my body's need for rest and hormones going a little crazy! 

I am definitely having to choose to be joyful in this season of pregnancy, and fail at this all the time. I catch myself wallowing in how hot I am and the fact that sweat seems to constantly be a part of my every movement. Then, Hudson kicks or moves around like crazy (because he is super active) and I am brought right back to the place of remembering how worth it this is. How my sweet babies are teaching me so much and bringing me closer to the Lord in so many ways, that I will take being hot for the joy I get to have being their momma. 

This week has definitely brought on the hormones too. I am finding that I have to give myself a little time each day to nap or lay down or I seem to find the need to cry over the most ridiculous things. This week I actually cried because one of my plants died and I just did not understand how that could happen when I have tried to water it so well (and it has rained!). Go is absolutely ridiculous. But this change has been so good for James and I to revisit what those first several weeks can look like. How they can be filled with emotional breakdowns and tears from exhaustion amongst the joy of a a new baby. It has really got us talking about ways we feel loved and can love each other through that season. I feel like we know a little more of what to expect and are more confident in ourselves as parents, so I am really praying for the Lord to use that season to love each other well. 

Even though there are no belly pics this week, here are a few pictures of a mighty spirited 18 month old I know....

 This is Ella with her "OW-UHL." She loves to lay in her bed and read books after naps. 
This week we watched the Polar Express (she didn't quite make it through the whole thing, but we got a little here and there.) I love watching movies and snuggling with her, especially Christmas movies! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoyed their weekend! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

27 weeks and a 1 1/2 year old!

Today I am 27 weeks along with Hudson...only 13 to go! I am so thankful that June was filled with several mild days and as we get into the hotter days I am definitely trying to get creative with how Ella and I spend our time. I am not one for the heat, but definitely thankful for a healthy growing baby (and planning to avoid summer all together next pregnancy:) Clearly, my plans always work so great...

I have been craving a few random things like....cinnamon life cereal ( I literally NEVER eat cereal...EVER!) but this has sounded good recently. I am definitely enjoying a popsicle on hotter days and love steak kabobs from Zoe's. Hudson is definitely bringing out foods that I would not usually pick, unlike with Ella I always craved sweets, which is very typical for me. I officially start my 3rd trimester next week and we are trucking along getting everything in order for Hudson. I am hoping to finish up his nursery soon and will post pics when we do.

As for big sister, she is 1 1/2 today! What!!! She is full of personality and saying new words every day. I feel like I can't keep up with how fast she is growing. I am also really loving her cute names for things that we know what she is saying, but has her own version, for example blankie is banbie and its precious. She also LOVES her owl and when she says "owl" it sounds like a 2 syllable word "OW-UHL." She is doing a great job at communicating, but along with that comes some pretty good meltdowns when she is told no or if we do not understand. So, that is something we are definitely working on with our little spirited girl! Lately, if you ask her where Baby Hudson is she will come up to my belly and give it a kiss. I think it is pretty sweet!

Once the 3rd trimester starts I am trying to plan some fun family dates to be intentional with our time together as a family of 3 before a newborn is in the mix. If you have any great family dates that you have loved send them my way.

Ella (18 months) with blankie, owl, and using Hudson as a pillow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!