Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheap Summer Entertainment

I am always looking for cheap summer entertainment for Ella and I. We love to get out and find fun activities that don't break the bank. There is always the option for swimming, library story time, and many other fun, free options. Today I decided to take Ella to her first movie and she LOVED it.

Studio Movie Grill is doing a Summer Movie Series for children. It is $2 for adults and $1 for kids. They show a different movie each week, and you can see their schedule on their site. If you click here, you can see all of the movie theaters in Dallas participating in different children's movie deals. We might try some of the options that start at 10, since that might work a little better with nap time. Today they were showing "Follow that Bird." I figured with sesame street, some guaranteed singing in the movie, and the chance that if it did not go well we were only out $3...I would give it a try.

We got in the movie and Ella kept saying "Wow" when things would be loud or flash. Once the movie started she loved it and every now and then if it got a little loud or a character came on that she was not too sure about (*cough" Snuffy) she would sit with me. Other than that she really enjoyed it.

This was a great option for us to get out of the house on a hot day and go enjoy a movie together! I know these are sweet dates we get for a couple more months before our sweet boy arrives! We are definitely looking forward to movie days at home with Hudson, too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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