Thursday, April 26, 2012

a trip to the zoo

We took Ella with us to the Zoo yesterday with my second grade class and she did such a great job! She took a couple of naps and loved all of the things she could stare at! It was so fun to have her with us for the day and helped the week go by really fast! 

Here is our baby girl with her fan, so she can stay nice and cool on a hot day!

When she got home daddy did some tummy time with her! She is getting so strong and I can't believe how long she holds her head up. 

The Zoo was really fun, but definitely something I think we will wait to do again until she is a little older. The kids in my group did so great with Ella and loved pushing the stroller. It was really sweet. 

Here are some other pics from recently....This one melts my heart!
 Ella and her buddy, Jaxon ready to go! 

Hope everyone has a great Thursday...exactly 4 weeks until I am staying home with my baby girl! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 months

Ella turned 3 months this past Thursday and we did our usual picture in her glider. I can't believe how much she is growing every day! We are loving all the smiles and watching her personality develop! She is such a joy in our lives. 

This month she has been sleeping like a champ (although we know the first year is full of its ups and downs.) For right now, she is a good sleeper and still loves to snuggle. She loves for anyone to sing to her and still prefers to be anywhere but her carseat! She is getting so close to rolling over on her own...any day now! 

Here are some fun pictures that our friend Logan captured while they were over for dinner...

Here are her 3 month pictures...She is such a big girl!
 Love that sweet face!
 And our usual, "Okay, more pictures!" pose! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

goodbye maternity leave

Today is officially my last day on Maternity Leave. How do I almost have a 3 month old? How does her delivery seem SO long ago? How does it feel like I don't even remember what it was like to be 9 months pregnant and counting down each day before she arrived?

Since I love a good sleeping pic I though I would show you how much she has grown with some of my favorites... Here she is a few days old...

 And now my big girl...(look at those cheeks!)

I can honestly say that my life is filled with more joy each day having Ella around and I am so humbled that God picked me to be her mommy. My maternity leave was absolutely wonderful. I will miss our morning snuggles and naps, our 9am Starbucks runs that went from a crying baby in the drive-thru to one that doesn't stop talking and cooing, our infinite number of Target runs, our lunch dates with Nana, afternoon walks, playdates, and all of the sweet smiles and cuddles. I am so thankful that God has provided a wonderful woman who will be with Ella while I finish out the school year with my 22 other babies. I am grateful to end the year with such a sweet class, but feel very confident about our family's choice for me to stay home in the Fall. 

So, adios Maternity Leave! Come June 1st I will be a stay at home momma and maybe we will get in a 9 am Starbucks run every now and then. 

Here is us cuddling yesterday...we have been soaking up the snuggles...

This is another random picture I just had to share. They look like twins. 

We are so lucky to have Ella and I am looking forward to what God will teach me through this next stage and looking forward to being home with my baby girl full time! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Look Alikes

Now that Ella is getting a little older and definitely getting more distinct features, everyone in my family thinks that her and Brinley look so much alike. There are moments where I see it and moments where I think Ella just looks like a tiny girl version of James, but here, I think I can definitely see the similarities between Ella and her cousin Brinley...

Here is Ella...
 Here is Brinley...

So, what do you think? Look alikes? 

It will be fun to see how Ella changes and if she continues to resemble Brinley!