Monday, August 1, 2011

summer veggie pasta bake

I made this summer veggie pasta bake from my Cooking Light magazine. James and I both loved it and I would highly recommend trying it! The only change we made was we added mild italian chicken sausage. During the pregnancy I definitely have to get in a good amount of protein in my meals or I end up really hungry an hour later. I also thought the italian sausage added an extra kick. This also reheated really well! 

Summer Veggie Pasta Bake

First, chop all of the yummy veggies ( I also used cherub tomatoes cut in half instead of what the recipe called for and added more veggies than the amount they called for)

Then assemble the pasta and top with mozzarella

 Then it comes out of the oven in all of it's bubbly yumminess! 

I served this with salad topped with avocado and tomato. This is a great summer meal to enjoy in this ridiculous Texas heat! 

Hope you enjoy!


  1. This looks really good!!! Do you think it would be okay without the cheese? My husband is allergic to dairy... (And boy, oh, boy do I miss my dairy!!!) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Kaycee- It has a little bit of ricotta and the mozzarella. You might try cutting the cheese blend and turning it into a pasta with sauce...I would try a pesto sauce to keep the lightness. Let me know if that works!