Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a GIRL!

We are so excited to announce that IT'S A GIRL! This is a VERY belated announcement to the blog (due to the craziness of getting back to school). We could not be more excited to be welcoming Ella to our little family in January! 

When we went in for our appointment to find out what we were having I was so mixed with feelings of anxiousness to see our baby, know if it was a he or she, figure out if my guess was right, but, most of all eagerness to see that our baby was growing healthy and strong. Our sonographer started going through the sonogram, it was like I completely forgot the anxiousness of finding out if it was a boy or girl and kept feeling so grateful every time she muttered "__________ looks healthy and strong!" I am so thankful that Ella is growing and continue to pray that prayer through this whole pregnancy and far after that. 

Within days of finding out I was pregnant, James has always thought it was a girl. I didn't really know until further along and then began to get the "mother's intuition." There was just something that made me feel like it was a girl. Maybe it was the citrus and sweet cravings or the desire for bows and dresses, but somehow I just knew. 

James and I threw a Gender Reveal Party with our families and a few close friends. Here is a picture from the party. I will be posting about the party and all of the details next week on Dallas Moms Blog. 

Now let's just cross our fingers that I can control myself with all of the cute, tiny, girly things out there! Right after we found out, James took me to a little children's boutique that I LOVE and let me pick out a dress for Ella! He is going to be such an amazing daddy to our sweet baby girl! 

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