Tuesday, August 9, 2011

change and nursery plan

Over the next week or so ( I am not sure exactly when) the blog will be undergoing some changes. I am in the process of getting a new design from Penny Lane Designs that I am SO excited about. Just wanted to give the heads up in case you drop by and things are a little messy in the transition.

As for today... it is major cleaning and organizing time for the nursery. We officially moved the guest bed out and now it is time to sort through all of those "random things" little boxes from our move in May. I have decided to make a tentative plan for getting the nursery together (these are just ideas and goals...definitely not written in stone).

Our nursery set up plan is...

August- organize and clean out old guest room, order the crib (it is on sale at Pottery Barn until the end of August...woohoo saving $200!) and stare daily at the paint swatches to decide what we love

September to October-Paint the room, pick fabric for the curtains and bedskirt, work on some DIY art for the walls

November- Finish setting up everything, assemble crib, get in the glider, and finish hanging stuff on the walls

As I have said our due date is January 14th and our hope is for the nursery to be done by December so we can completely enjoy the holidays and not have that added to the mix. Honestly, I would love for it to be done before Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see how the actual timeline goes down. I LOVE getting to decorate this room and the freedom with colors and such, so who knows....maybe I won't be able to stop myself once I get started! Although, my personality thrives on a plan, and James appreciates knowing what I am wanting to get done and when. We both had a lot of fun looking at paint colors (who knew that could be so fun) at Home Depot the other day. I will share the colors we are looking at pretty soon!

Hope everyone has a productive Tuesday!

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