Friday, September 30, 2011

Name Sign

Our sweet friends, Kristi and Dan, recently welcomed their baby girl. They were very patient and waited until her arrival to find out what they were having. To our absolute excitement it was a little girl (and future bff for Ella). I wanted to give them something fun and pink to bring some girly-ness into her precious nursery ( I also bought supplies to make one for Ella). 

I combined several ideas from pinterest and other blogs to make this fun and very easy name sign. Here are some pics from the project. 

First, I painted the canvas yellow. 

Then, I put down the stickers for her name and painted over it in pink.  

After it dried, I peeled the letters off and had a cute little sign!  

You can use this project for so many fun things like quotes around the house or an easy gift. Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weather and has a wonderful weekend!

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