Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Crib Adventure

Getting the crib was something I was so excited for. I could not wait to pick out the place that our sweet baby girl would be cozied up sleeping (let's all pray she loves sleeping there). I researched quite a bit and looked into reviews, asked friends, and knew the style I was looking for. 

After putting all of those things together, we decided on the Kendall Crib from Pottery Barn. We found it this summer and it was down $200 from it's original price which made me overly excited!!! My sweet mom offered to get the crib for us, so we went ahead and purchased it while it was on sale. A few weeks later the crib came in and patiently waited in our unpainted nursery. 

Kendall Fixed Gate Crib

This weekend after painting the nursery, we could not wait to put it together. It was like a right of passage for James to build his baby girl's crib...so we got to work. As I was sitting on the floor and he was unpacking I noticed a "hugh gash" in my words and a "dennnnttt" in James' words on the side of the crib. We were able to take the piece back and trade it out at Pottery Barn and were ready to try this again. 

Then... we set up the crib and the warning labels (yes...the ones that are melted on) were on the outside (instead of the inside where they are supposed to be). Me and my impatient self did not want to take that crib up there again, so we made a target run and 30 minutes + some goo gone love later we had ourself a beautiful crib. 

Overall, it is a great crib. I love the look and it is very sturdy. Although, I wish some of the little things had been checked we are so happy to have it all together now! 

I will post some pictures of the set up tomorrow...

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  1. Just want to point out that the warning labels on Pottery Barns Kendall crib are suppose to be on the outside. If you look at the instruction booklet, it mentions that too.