Saturday, September 3, 2011

painting the nursery

Well I am pretty sure I won't ever be able to convince James to paint a room again. By the end of this project we went between several "visions" for the nursery and about 7 swatches that I stared at on the wall in "every light." By we I mean myself and my patient husband of course. 

We went between robins egg blues, to grayish pink/purple, to pale seafoam and landed on "Quiet Rain" which I would describe as a grayish/bluish/purplish color. It is one of those colors that is hard to explain, but works perfect with what we wanted to do in the nursery. I have put a picture of the swatch from online below. This is the first step in getting the nursery ready and it is so exciting to start this process. I can't wait to turn that little room into a home for Ella and place where many late nights and sleepy walks back and forth will happen. I am sure that room will be filled with every emotion at some point and I really can't wait for that. 

Also, we are so thankful for our sweet friends Kerry and Logan for helping us paint the room! It is such a blessing to have all of the help and get this project knocked out! 

Here is the color-
Glidden Premium 8 oz. Quiet Rain Interior Paint Tester

I love the name of the color too (not that it really matters), but quiet rain just seems cozy! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your long weekend!


  1. Yay for a beautiful baby girl! Fisher needs a girlfriend... I love that color and that you are not afraid to do blue for a girl. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thanks, Becca! I am really excited to see it all come together!