Thursday, February 3, 2011

theme thursday: you can do it!

So I am starting a new weekly post called theme Thursday. Each Thursday I will pick a theme and share some ideas, links, pictures, and other fun things to go along with that week's theme. 

1. Make something: elastic waist skirts
I found this wonderful tutorial at lullaby lubbock (the most precious blog that my friend ruth introduced me to). I cannot wait to make one of these elastic skirts and you can do it too! 

Here is the tutorial. 
I just bought this cute fabric at city craft to use for my skirt.
 I would love to see the one you make!


2. That DIY project you have been wanting to try....
Want some inspiration? Take a look at free enough to dance
Leah is an amazing woman who loves the Lord so much and is teaching in the Dominican Republic and exploring the world of do it yourself to make her new little place feel like home. I promise you will love reading about her journey and everything the Lord is teaching her. 

Here's a little peek at one of her amazing ideas...

3. Make homemade cookies to warm you up during this freezing weather....

These are my absolute FAVORITE! I keep a roll of frozen dough in my freezer for any time I want to bring homemade cookies because they are that good. You can also change them up many different ways. Add some chocolate chips, nuts, cranberries...the pioneer woman always gives amazing recipes and great ideas to make them your own. They have become a Unthank family tradition (which means James and I eat them too much!) While you are on her blog peruse around the recipes...they are always entirely too delicious!

When you are done...take some to a friend. It is such a wonderful surprise to get a sweet gift from a friend and a great way to serve them!

4. Plan a fun date night with the hubs or a girls night with your girlfriends. 
James and I love date night and I also love a good girls night to sit and gab about anything girly! Cook something wonderful (check out pioneer woman) and plan it out. Either way it will be wonderful!

This is all I have for now. I hope this inspires you that you can do any of these things. I hope you get to use some of the links for inspiration, recipes, or that they somehow link you to another fun thing that you can do. My personal "I can do it" is going to have to be to finish the laundry and a few other chores that should definitely be done with an ENTIRE week off school!  

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