Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dresser redo

Hope everyone is enjoying one of these right now. Wish my fireplace was surrounded with all of this cuteness. 

Here are some pics of a dresser redo I did a couple of weeks ago. I had been meaning to paint and distress it for a long time but just had not gotten around to it. One Sunday, I just dragged it on the porch and sent my patient husband to the store for some more brushes and painted away! James is always so supportive of my projects (even when they are a little impulsive). I am still looking for some cute knobs (maybe anthropologie will put some on sale!) Hope you enjoy the before and after!

I know this pic is pretty bright. Here is the before. It is a really nice dresser, it just had some stains and needed some love...

Here is the after.I painted it a very light sage green (which is hard to tell in this photo). The outer rim of each drawer and the legs are distressed. Like I said it needs some new knobs, so I will post some pics when I find some I like. 

Hope everyone is enjoying snow day #2! Although I am tired of being couped up inside, it has been nice to get some things done and work on some projects! I have also really enjoyed spending time with James(and Jaxon of course). Stay warm if you are dealing with this weather! 


  1. looks great! did you sand it beforehand or just start with primer/paint? also - did you poly coat it afterwards? just wondering! :)

  2. Thanks! I sanded it and did not do a poly coat. I sanded some parts when I was done to distress a little more. How is sewing going for you? I am sure you are loving it! Good to hear from you!