Friday, August 31, 2012


Today I feel incredibly humbled to be home with Ella. Making the adjustment to being home has been natural and felt more right than anything I have ever done. Getting used to living on one income has been challenging, exciting, and stretched me in ways that have drawn me closer to the Lord, as well as, strengthened our marriage as we really evaluate where we spend our money. Days filled with play dates, lunch dates with nana, and snuggles have been beautiful. Days with passionate singing (screaming) from teething, wanting to be held all of the time, and being needed every second have been trying and honestly exposed how selfish I can be at times. 

With all of that said this has been such a joyful, refining, and sweet time with Ella. 

I am working on uploading pictures from our first family getaway to Wild Oaks Ranch Resort in San Antonio. I will hopefully post soon with some pictures from the trip!

Happy Friday!

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