Thursday, August 16, 2012

7 months

Our sweet girl turned 7 months on Sunday! She is so ready to be on the move, but is completely fine with speed rolling anywhere and everywhere! If I leave the room for a minute she is usually across the room trying to get something like a shoe or Jaxon's bone, so we have officially started picking up as if she is crawling. I am amazed at how fast this girl rolls. 

The other day she rolled onto the hardwoods and decided to start sucking the floor....I guess I will have to clean these floors even more than I thought! 

Ella has also moved to solids 3 times a day and is LOVING it! Her doctor recommended that we move this way since she was loving solids and in the 27th percentile at her 6 month appointment. Since she loves food so much, he said it would be great to go ahead with 3 times a day. James and I joke that Ella eats better than anyone in the house! She gets SO excited when we put her in her high chair and bring out her food. 

Lately, Ella is really loving playing games like peek-a-boo, especially, when we go around the corner and pop out. She just can't get enough. 

This month we are also headed to San Antonio for a family weekend! We are excited for a little getaway for a few days! 

Here are some pics of our growing girl!

So grateful to be here to see all of this growing! 
Hope everyone has a great Thursday! 

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