Monday, August 6, 2012

Diaper Comparisons

Since Ella was born I have price compared diapers and found my favorites, as well as, the most affordable. I thought this post might help other moms who are looking to save money with all of the baby gear.

In the beginning, I used Pampers Swaddlers. They were soft and we loved the blue line wetness indicator. We had quite a few hand me down diapers from friends who had outgrown and boxes that were given as gifts. After this, we went back and forth as we compared different brands and prices.

We moved to Huggies when they put them on sale at Target with a $5 gift card when you buy two and we had a coupon for a few dollars off at the time. At that time, Huggies did NOT work for us. I don't know if the fit was not good for Ella or what, but let's just say we went through too many outfits with those (since then she has used a few Huggies from hand me downs and they have been fine...weird!).

Ultimately, we loved pampers, but did not love the price. So, we tried the Target brand diapers after several friends with babies swore they were great and saved money! Ella is still in Size 2 diapers, so you can buy a 96 count at Target and it breaks down to 17 cents per diaper. This is great compared to Pampers that usually comes in a pack of 184 for about 23 cents per diaper. I know that seems like pocket change, but when you are going through several diapers a day it really adds up....BUT here is the big thing that I have found....

Diapers go on sale at Babies R' Us ALL the TIME! Several times during the year you can get Huggies and Pampers on sale. The deal is usually if you buy two 184 count (or higher) boxes you get $25 off. This means that 2 boxes of diapers with the discount breaks down to 17 cents a diaper....which is exactly what you pay for a Target diaper. So, if you really prefer Pampers or Huggies just sign up for the updates at Babies R' Us and watch for the sales. When they go on sale...stock up!

*I know many people also use Amazon Subscribe and Save but you usually only save up to 20% meaning that on two 184 count boxes of Pampers or Huggies you would only save about $17 which is less than what you save going to the store. Although, if you like the ease of having them sent to your doorstep it might be worth it.

I hope this post helps some mommas when comparing prices for diapers. I know it is different for every mom and baby. Some brands work better than others and sometimes if you really like a brand it is worth the money for you. I have definitely not scoured every store in Dallas and every online site, but have looked around at many different places and this is what I have found.

For now, we get Ella diapers from Target and if we see Pampers go on sale we usually buy 2 boxes and go through those, then back to Target until another sale pops up. We have heard that after age 1 a lot of moms really like the Huggies we will see!

Also, this post is based on disposable diapers only. I know many moms save a TON of money using cloth diapers. I wish I could pull these off (especially because they are really cute), but I just don't think it is my calling in life.

Happy Monday and let me know if you have found any other helpful information on diapers!


  1. Hahaaa- not my calling either. :) We are still in the gifted diapers phase but the Target diapers is a good thing to know. Thanks for posting this! :)

  2. Oh yeah! Enjoy the gifted diapers! Those are the best!