Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Family Trip

A couple of weekends ago we took our first family trip to San Antonio to visit the Hyatt Wild Oaks Ranch. My sweet friend Leah and her family told us about this place and we had such a wonderful time. This was my birthday present from James and it could not have been more perfect!

We left early Saturday morning and Ella slept in the car. We had to stop several times to let her get out and move. Partially because she needed to and mostly because we felt guilty keeping her strapped in. She did SO great except on the way there and back she cried the ENTIRE way through Austin. The moment we left Austin she stopped crying and James thought that was the best thing ever....a future Aggie...maybe? 

When we got there we spent most of our time in the pool, lazy river, eating yummy mexican food, and relaxing. Ella thought all of the pool time was like the world's largest bath and couldn't get enough. They had a splash park at the resort and she loved that too! 

Also, on Sunday afternoon James sent me to the Hyatt Hill Country Spa as my present from Ella. It was heaven! Literally, I left my phone with James and relaxed there for almost 3 hours, got a pedicure, had tea and snacks and decided he can send me to the spa whenever he wants :)

Overall, it was a great getaway. We know traveling with a baby is different every time and every stage is different. We were so grateful Ella did great the whole weekend. We pushed nap times and bed times and definitely were on no schedule whatsoever and it was really nice! 

Also, I would recommend going after "summer" once school starts because we got an amazing deal, since it is a family resort and most kids were back to school. 

Oh, and next time we will try to take more pics with all 3 of us that include both of our faces haha!

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is looking forward to Fall as much as I am! 

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