Monday, September 24, 2012

a big girl carseat

James installed Ella's new carseat this weekend and so far she likes it so much better than her infant seat. She has always disliked being put in her carseat, but lately was REALLY fighting it most of the time. We had a great coupon and some store credit that we needed to use before the beginning of October, so we bought her seat and thought we would go ahead and put it in and see if she liked it better.

So far it has been success! She seems to like sitting up straight more and it nice and soft, too! Picking a carseat was definitely something we researched A TON and talked with other moms we know to see what has worked well for them. We decided on the Britax Pavilion, which is the Boulevard with Click and Safe on the straps. We did not really think that you had to have the Click and Safe, but BuyBuy Baby only had solid black left in the Boulevard and I saw this cute fabric on the Pavilion and was sold! For about $16 more we didn't have to wait for them to order the Boulevard and it is the same carseat just with the click and safe which I don't mind.

I know there are a lot of people who also really love the Marathon and we were definitely between the two of those, but when we put Ella in them she seemed to do better and just fit better in the Pavilion. There were also some reviews that said the Boulevard/Pavilion made it difficult for their baby to see out the window because of the extra side protection foam. We have not had a problem with this at all. We are in a SUV and Ella seems to be able to see out the window just fine. Plus, we really like the extra protection that the side impact foam provides.

Just like any baby decision or purchase you definitely have to do what works best for your family. There are pros and cons to all baby items and you just have to find the one that matches the pros you love and the cons you can deal with.

Here is our sweet girl in her new carseat. She is also cutting her top 2 teeth. We can feel the left one already through her gums and the right one is pushing through....AH! BIG girl!!!

Happy Monday!

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