Saturday, March 19, 2011

travel roll up case

I made this travel roll up case last weekend and can't wait to use it! I love how it can be very custom to what you like to carry. I am working on making one for my little sister to carry all of her make-up brushes in. Here is the final product for the one I made for myself...

Here is an up close of the pockets...

 The whole roll-up with attached ribbons on the side. 

Note: Please excuse the unedited photo. When I edit this photo it turns it to the side for some odd reason. I will have to figure that one out later. The colors from above are MUCH more accurate. But, here it is all rolled up! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe Spring Break is almost over. It has been so nice to work on crafty projects and get some things done! 

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Happy Saturday!



  1. That is darling! I love the bright fabric choices!! *reminder to self* get brave with color choices

  2. This is so cute! Do you have a tutorial for it?

    I am a new follower from the Spring Fling:)

  3. I love these! My mum bought me one and I've been dying to sew another myself ever since. The colours you used are wonderful!

  4. Thanks girls!

    I know, I loved the bright colors!!! I don't have a tutorial for this one, but maybe sometime I will do one. Great idea!