Friday, December 2, 2011

maternity leave prep

I officially have so much respect for any woman who has had to get things together for maternity leave. I had no idea the amount of time and work that would go into trying to explain my job to another person for 3 months. I am so grateful for this time to be home with Ella and know that every second of this preparation will make that time so much easier, but truly, it feels like I think of something else that needs to be added everyday. I started keeping a notepad by my bed (for all of the late night "oh yeah" moments)!

I am so happy to say that everything is ready to go. My binder is on my desk and ready for my sub whenever Ella decides to join us! I have talked with my kiddos and tried to prepare them in every way known to make this transition and I know they will do amazing!

I still can't believe how fast my pregnancy has gone by! I feel like we just found out we were having a baby and before we know it our sweet little girl will be joining us!

I promise we will take some pictures this weekend and post an update. I am 34 weeks tomorrow! 6 weeks to go!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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