Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Cookies

It's that time of year for some yummy Christmas cookies! Each year we use my grandma's amazing recipe (even though she does not have exact measurements for any of it!) This year I also wanted to make some cookies that would hold their shape really well with cookie cutters. You can always rely on pinterest to have some amazing ideas and recipes. I used this link for the sugar cookies and frosting and they turned out great! (This is the same recipe I used for the pumpkin shaped cookies in October). 

Here are some other fun Christmas ideas from pinterest....

Taking a basic white paper plate and adding ribbon to deliver cookies or other yummy treats

Mason jar snow globes....these would be a great DIY decoration 

*You can also buy these at anthro

These are precious and would be so fun to make with kids

Love this idea. They cut up their wedding invite (or any other paper good with sentimental value from that year) and put it inside a glass ornament ball

I hope you enjoy some of these Christmas ideas. I would usually be crafting much more during this time of year, but I am trying to take it easy and focus on getting ready for our baby girl (which has been really fun for me). If I could bottle up "nesting" into a pill to take when I want to tackle some of these crafts I would be pretty darn productive (and have some really cute crafts made up). 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and stay warm! 

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