Monday, January 23, 2012

newborn pictures

James and I knew we wanted to capture some pictures of Ella in her sweet newborn stage, but felt we wanted to invest in a photographer to take family pictures when she is a little older. Since James has a great camera with a couple of lenses we decided to let him take the pictures. He worked so hard to research ways to get a newborn photo shoot ready and keep her calm and sleepy. I was so impressed with everything he had set up and how well it went. 

We took a few pictures of her in the morning when she was 4 days old. Everything went very smooth, minus the time she peed and pooped on me between pictures. Thankfully we were standing on the tile and definitely got a good laugh in as new parents learning as we go. 

Here are a few pictures from the shoot....

She did such a good job and I am so happy with the sweet pictures James captured! I know I will look back at these and be amazed at how tiny she was! It already feels like she is growing so much every day! 

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