Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Normal

I am so thankful that a new normal is setting in. We were incredibly blessed with a wonderful woman who watched Ella while I finished working and I am so grateful for a great school that I was able to be part of for 3 years. With all of that being said, I am so grateful to be in my dream job and get used to this new normal. I know that every job has its ups and downs, and I know that being a stay at home mom will come with some very difficult and very rewarding days, but I could not be more excited to buckle up for this journey. 

Yesterday, Ella and I went to "Baby Bounce" at the Bookmarks store in Northpark with some wonderful friends and their little ones. It was really fun to bounce around with Ella and play with all of the fun music toys. It had it fair share of cheesiness, but we just embraced it! 

Her personality is developing more and more everyday and I am looking forward to being here to see her continue to grow. 

Here are some fun pics from recently...

 She loves to play airplane! 
 Anytime I turn the iphone camera around where she can see herself she usually giggles..it is pretty funny!
 In her swimsuit and ready to go swimming!
Sweet giggles!

So, other stay at home mommas...what are some of your favorite things to fill your days?

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